Engaging Youth in Citizen-Led Advocacy and Accountability for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Sylvia Ayieko
Angela Nguku


The White Ribbon Alliance Kenya is an autonomous, locally registered nongovernmental organisation in Kenya with a vision to ensure that all women and girls realise their right to quality health and well-being. It is among 14 other national alliances affiliated with the White Ribbon Alliance Global Secretariat, based in Washington, DC. White Ribbon Alliance Kenya recognises that even though the Kenyan government has policies in place to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health outcomes, proper implementation and commitment is still needed. Our advocacy and citizen-led accountability efforts are working towards educating youth on their sexual and reproductive health rights, obligations, and entitlements, and promoting public awareness and citizen engagement. The goal is to empower adolescents to demand high-quality sexual and reproductive health services through appropriate policy communication and advocacy channels.

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