The East African Health Research Journal (EAHRJ) is a no-fee, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published at Established by the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC) of the East African Community (EAC;, the primary aim of the journal is to present evidence that can be the basis for better health policy and practice in the countries of the EAC. Specifically, the journal aims to:

  • Represent the East African perspective on health and health related issues
  • Provide information that is relevant to the EAC
  • Be a platform for sharing and dissemination of knowledge
  • Enable scholarly recognition of professionals and institutions
  • Support professionals’ career development
  • Provide a forum for health professionals from East Africa to be more visible globally
  • Provide direction in setting up health priorities in the region

The EAHRJ will promote and facilitate the application of knowledge from research to strengthening national and regional health policy and practice; development of human-resource capacities and skills; exchange and dissemination of health-research information; and advocacy of evidence generated from health research. Issues of the journal will include original articles, reviews, short communications, surveys, commentaries, supplementary issues, and reports, and cover a broad range of health and related aspects, including medicine, geo-medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical science, veterinary science, food science, environment, health-related agriculture science, and public health.

The EAHRJ will be published three times a year online, at, and in hard copy. Hard copies will be distributed to all relevant stakeholders, such as government institutions and organisations, research institutions, academic institutions, relevant NGOs, civil society organisations, etc. We expect that this journal will add value to the various initiatives taken to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of East Africa and the world in general.


Gibson Kibiki, MD, MMed, PhD, Executive Secretary, East African Health Research Commission, Burundi


Fabian Mashauri, MSc, PhD, Principal Health Officer, East African Health Research Commission, Burundi


Evans Amukoye, MD, MMed, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya

Bennon Asiimwe, PhD Mbarara University, Uganda

Jean De Dieu Ngirabega, MD, MSc, PhD, East African Health Research Commission, Tanzania

Vincent Mutabazi, MBChB, MSc, Rwanda Biomedical Center, Rwanda

Joseph Nyandwi, MBChB, PhD, MSc, University of Burundi, Republic of Burundi

Ndekya Oriyo, MSc, PhD, National Institute of Medical Research, Tanzania


Frank Møller Aarestrup, DVM, PhD Technical University, Denmark

Peter Arimi, MD, MSc USAID/East Africa Mission, Kenya

Prince Ngongo Bahati, MS, MBA Intl. AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Kenya

Muhammad Bakari, MD, MMed, PhD Ministry of Health, Tanzania

John Bartlett, MD Duke University, USA

Leodegal Bazira, MD, PhD University of Burundi, Burundi

Agnes Binagwaho, MD, MMED, PhD University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda

Martin Boeree, MD, PhD Radboud University Medical Center the Netherlands

Stephen Gillespie, MD, FRCP University of St Andrews, UK

Ben Hamel, MD, PhD Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Eric Houpt, MD University of Virginia, USA

Stephen N. Kinoti, MBChB, MMed, MPSID Fio Corporation, USA

Andrew Kitua, MD, PhD USAID, Uganda

Harriet Mayanja-Kizza, MBChB, MMed, PhD Makerere University, Uganda

Patricia Munseri, MD, MMED, PhD Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences, Tanzania



Harriet Nabudere, MBChB, MPH, Uganda National Health Research Organisation, Uganda



Zaidi Mkangwa, BSc, East African Health Research Commission, Burundi


The East African Health Research Journal is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Knowledge for Health Project and the East African Community. EAHRJ is editorially independent and does not necessarily represent the views or positions of the East African Community.

The East African Health Research Journal is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly cited. To view a copy of this license, visit For further information, please contact the editors at